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Save Baltimore's

Photo Credit: Andy Ellis, Birdland Member


Photo Credit: Andy Ellis, Birdland Member

Keep The Orioles in Baltimore

The Orioles are a magical part of living in Baltimore and Maryland. Through good seasons and bad we love our Orioles. Our shared history gives us stories that can unite generations  and our young and exciting team provides hope for the future.

Unfortunately, the billionaire owners of the Orioles care more about their bottom line than they do about our team. John Angelos is playing a dangerous game of chicken with the State of Maryland, demanding even more than the $600 Million dollars that the state has already offered them. 

Fortunately, as the Colts were leaving in 1984, the Charter of Baltimore City was amended to give the City  a way to take action and stop wealthy team owners from taking away OUR  sports teams.

It is time for the City to work with the State of Maryland and use the power they have to KEEP OUR ORIOLES IN  BALTIMORE FOREVER.

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