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Who We Are

Bill Marker

Bill Marker is a long time community and political activist from Baltimore's Barre Circle/Pigtown and Ridgely's Delight.  An attorney, he is a retired State employee and served as Secretary of the Maryland Professional Employees Council, AFT-MD.  As Founder and President of Marylanders for Sports Sanity Inc. he was the citizen leader of efforts to save Memorial Stadium and not build downtown stadiums at great public expense.

Andy Ellis

Andy Ellis is a community activist, political organizer, and Birdland member who lives in Northeast Baltimore. Andy currently works as a Business Intellegence Lead for a techology and research company, he has served as Co-Chair of the Maryland Green Party and The Baltimore City Green Party. He attended Towson University and later returned to join the coaching staff of the Towson University Debate team, where in 2008 he helped the team to win its first of several national debate championships. 

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